Things are not always what they look like

When we make an observation we believe that is the reality, but things are not always what it looks like.

You most likely recognise this mountain:

Do you know this mountain?

Of course many people know it is the Italian side of the same mountain.

However it demonstrates that "reality" can look different from another point of view.


We live in a turbulent times. Many rules are being enforced by governments to get a hold of the pandemy.

You might agree or disagree.

If something is good or bad depends on your point of view and where you put the division line between the two.

And in case of making rules that should improve the situation, think about your point of view and how it depicts "reality" before you make a judgement.

When everyone follows his own "reality" we will never get things done to improve the situation.

Show some solidarity, accept rules for the common cause: Only together we can make this world a better place.