Generic information (in german: Impressum)

This information below is valid for the following websites.

These websites are strictly non commercial, and only serve the purpose for sharing information between family and friends of the author(s).

The server(s) for these websites are privately owned, managed and physically located in Switzerland, canton of Berne.

The above sites are being "crawled" by Google and other search engines.

Security measures have been installed. Please inform the site owner when you detect a possible danger.

We respect personal privacy. When you feel that your privacy rights have been violated please inform the site owner immediately.

The site owner can be contacted via the menu "Contact".


Data stored

We store the IP address of our public visitors to be able to block these addresses when we detect malicious behaviour.

For registered visitors with editing and other special rights we store:

  • Full name
  • User ID
  • E-Mail address
  • Password in encrypted format
  • Access profile (=rights)

 This information will never be shared with anyone.


Specific information for

The purpose of this subdomain is to share photos mostly taken by the owner of this site.

Photos taken by another person then the site owner are stored in separate folders and the photographer and/or owner is indicated.

All photos shown on this site are copyrighted and cannot be used, also not privately, without explicit confirmation of the owner of the photo.

When in a photo someone is recognisable, and not part of a crowd during a public event, then we will allow usage of the photo only after obtaining permission from the person(s) shown.

We take the rights of people depicted seriously and follow, as good as a layman can understand, the european and swiss privacy laws.

When you appear in a picture and you do not like the picture to be displayed, please inform the site owner, the picture will be removed as soon as possible.


Specific information for

This is a genealogy register for the families:

  • Koopmans
  • Schuitemaker
  • Spring
  • Rohner
  • Related branches of above families

The database is maintained by the site owner based on public available information and information given by family members.

Information from living persons and persons who died less then 10 years ago are blocked for public viewing. 

The site owner has access to all stored data. Never will this data be used for commercial purposes.

People who have an interest and are in the genealogy database, can register to get rights to view the information for living persons maximally 5 relationship steps away from their own record.


Thanks for taking interest in my websites. I wish you happy browsing, and please do give me feedback.


Hendrik (Henk) Koopmans